1.4.1: patch to delete all non self-signatures

Florian Streibelt gnupg at F-Streibelt.de
Mon May 23 21:59:39 CEST 2005

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in preparation to a key signing party I had been confronted with the task
to automatically handle keys send in via Email and to give the attendees
the possibility to download a small keyring of all the participants keys.

To get a small keyring for download I tried to non-interactively delete all
signatures off the keys sent in, except the self-signatures.

I found no easy and quick solution for this, so I wrote a small patch that
adds two commands to the key-edit menu.

a) 'uidall' that selects all user ids in the key
   I would have implemented 'uid *' - but I have just limited C
   knowledge and was in a hurry to get the script done...

b) 'delallsigs' that deletes all signatures on the key that are not

I have also modified a helper function check_one_sig that does not print
out anything on screen during the check - I am not interested in 300
signature-details scrolling by while deleting them...

Maybe there are more people out there that need such funcionality, I don't
know - but it is a good way to get a small pubkey for an export.

I would be very happy if this functionality could be integrated into the
official release - at least point b, point a should really work like "uid *"...

The patch is available at: http://bilge.fb12.tu-berlin.de/~mutax/



Version: GnuPG v1.4.0 (GNU/Linux)
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