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Tue May 31 14:33:46 CEST 2005

granularity, so I imagine the same problems would persist, but thanks for 
pointing that out.

> For a future version of the OpenPGP message format it might make sense
> to change the the format to something like E_{KeyN}(K|X) with X being
> the total number of keys used to encrypt the session key or better a
> hash of all the public keys used.
It seems the problem is that "Key-Privacy" was never defined for multiple 
recipients. Bellare et. al. orginally defined this notion.
I have been talking about this with Adam Barth and Dan Boneh. I think the 
solution is to come up with a solution to a proper definition. I believe 
it should be pretty reasonable to do both.

> Do you want to raise this problem with the OpenPGP WG?
I think that would be a good place to go. I wanted to check my 
understanding of things over here first. I presume I should just shoot 
them an email like I did to you?

Thanks again,

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