GnuPG 1.4.3-cvs make warnings on MingW/MSYS

Joe Vender jvender at
Thu Nov 3 07:23:05 CET 2005

> > When building GnuPG 1.4.3-cvs native windows binaries on MinGW/MSYS, I
> > the following make warnings:
> >
> > secmem.c: In function `init_pool':
> > secmem.c:223: warning: implicit declaration of function `getpagesize'
> > gpgkeys_hkp.c: In function `search_key':
> > gpgkeys_hkp.c:301: warning: passing arg 1 of `curl_escape' discards
> > qualifiers from pointer target type
> I believe I've fixed these two.  Can you double check it on your MinGW
> setup?

Wow, that was fast! Thanks David. I've just finished doing a make with the
new code. These two warning messages no longer appear during make. Now,
the only warning message I'm getting is the other one I mentioned:

iobuf.c: In function `iobuf_get_fd':
iobuf.c:1930: warning: return makes integer from pointer without a cast

Joe Vender

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