Keys listed twice when --keyring used - request to filter

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Tue Sep 6 13:21:51 CEST 2005

I have found that if the same keyring that is normally used by GnuPG is
also specified on the command line with --keyring, then GnuPG will list
the keys in it twice.

While this isn't a bug per se, I am hoping I can convince the developers
to implement some code that will filter out duplicate keyrings so that
they are only ever shown once.

The GPGME library has no command to return the name of the keyrings that
GnuPG is using by default.  So, it is difficult for a front-end (one
that uses GPGME) to determine what the configured keyrings are.  Thus,
when a front-end allows the specification of extra keyring files, it is
difficult to determine if this will cause duplicate keys to appear.

This might all be listed under "end user beware", but I received enough
bug reports of duplicate keys that for GPGee, I ended up implementing a
hash table key filter to eliminate duplications.

It should be fairly easy to maintain a list in GnuPG of keyrings that
have already been processed, and to check against that list when
processing of a new keyring is contemplated.

Consider this my request that such filtering be implemented in GnuPG.


	Kurt Fitzner

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