Better proxy support available via libcurl?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Aug 3 15:28:09 CEST 2006

On Thu,  3 Aug 2006 15:08, David Shaw said:

> These are good objections, but I don't know how well they apply in the
> GPG case.  Judging by the ChangeLogs, GPG (at least 1.4.x) does not

It is not actually a problem as the FSF holds copyright assignments.
So they would need to decide unless I decide that for technical
reasons we need to change the license.

> gpgkeys_curl, and gpgkeys_hkp?  They're separate programs that
> communicate via pipes (the classic example of the barrier that the GPL
> does not cross).  Their licensing need not be the same as the gpg

That is a common misunderstanding.  The GPL does not specify the
technical terms what makes up a derivative work.  In many cases the
process boundary is good guess but not always true.  In our case the
keyserver helpers have been written has part of gpg and are designed
to work with them.  They are not intended as a separate tool.  Thus I
won't see that as a mere aggregation.

As we can't solve this problem right now and given that this is a
general problem not related only to GnuPG, I suggest that we suspend
this problem for now and wait for the GPLv3 which might help to fix
the problem.  I will open a bug so that we don't forget about it.



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