gpg: invalid options

Harvey Muller hlmuller at
Thu Aug 10 14:34:47 CEST 2006

I previously installed gnupg 1.4.4 along with
pcsc-lite 1.3.1 and the ozscrlx pcmcia driver, and had
it successfully working.

Additionally I have been working on an installation
script, and added the necessary steps to the script. 
Everything installs as normal, the smartcard is
recognized, but now I'm getting the following error

gpg: invalid option "--card-status"

Previously I had to set --disable-ccid or the driver
would emit apdu errors, but now this also causes the
same error message but the complaint changes to

I've reviewed all my notes, and the documentation
thoroughly and cannot determine the cause of the

Can anyone provide help?  Thanks.

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