Building libgpg-error on OS X 10.4

Ralf Wildenhues Ralf.Wildenhues at
Sat Aug 5 03:55:36 CEST 2006


* Marcus Brinkmann wrote on Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 08:46:59PM CEST:
> it seems that the libtool+gettext+automake machinery does not work
> perfectly for libraries using gettext.  If you use
> --with-included-gettext, then a static version of libintl will be
> built, and LTLIBINTL is set to the static library.  But linking a
> static library with a shared library is not guaranteed to work.  In
> fact, it gives a warning.  Moreover, it actually fails on Mac OS X due
> to missing -fno-common (because the static library is not built as
> PIC).
> So, the question is, is there any solution to this, beside advising
> Mac OS X users to never use the included gettext, but link dynamically
> to an external gettext implementation?

  --with-included-gettext --disable-static

work as well?  I think using --disable-static on OS X is a good idea in
general (but I'm clearly not an OS X expert).


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