GPGME 1.0.3 Build Problem

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Mon Dec 4 17:57:45 CET 2006

At Mon, 04 Dec 2006 18:42:01 +0900,
"djh" <henman at> wrote:
>  here are the results I get from using everthing in:
>   * gpgme-1.0.3.tar.gz
> with the exceptipn of, which I used the new 1192 revision
> which was mv'd to for the following:

That can't work. is the basis for the generated files and Makefile, the latter of which is actually used.  These
files are only automatically generated when in maintainer mode.

If you have the development tools installed, you can easily recreate
these files by running ./ in the toplevel directory.
Otherwise, please let me know and I will send you a patch against
1.0.3 or a complete tar ball.


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