Compiling svn4370 w/MSYS-MingW

John W. Moore III jmoore3rd at
Thu Dec 7 14:47:20 CET 2006

While Compiling svn4370 under MSYS/MingW I encounter the following Error:

F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/import.c:252: undefined reference to
`new_arm                                             or_context'
F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/import.c:254: undefined reference to
`push_ar                                             mor_filter'
F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/import.c:255: undefined reference to
`release                                             _armor_context'
keyserver.o: In function `keyserver_work':
F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/keyserver.c:1197: undefined reference
to `new                                             _armor_context'
F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/keyserver.c:1206: undefined reference
to `pus                                             h_armor_filter'
F:/msys/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10/keyserver.c:1207: undefined reference
to `rel                                             ease_armor_context'
make[1]: *** [gpg.exe] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Compaq_Owner/4370/g10'
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

Can anyone offer a suggestion?


JOHN :-\
Timestamp: Thursday 07 Dec 2006, 08:47  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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