[Fwd: GnuPG source link on Thunderbird Portable page]

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Wed Dec 13 00:17:11 CET 2006

John Haller has remedied the problem with there being no link to source
code for GnuPG on PortableApps.com.  It's nice to see that people can be
polite and reasonable about things.  Thanks a lot, John, for fixing it,
as minor as it was.  :)

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Subject: GnuPG source link on Thunderbird Portable page
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 11:36:09 -0500
From: John T. Haller <johnhaller at spamblock.com>
To: rjh at spamblock.com

Howdy Robert,

Via a Technorati search, I stumbled across your thread regarding a link
to GPG source from my Thunderbird Portable page here:

I had actually assumed people would snag it from SourceForge since
anyway interested in the source would know that the files were all
SourceForge-hosted from the link to the Thunderbird Portable SourceForge
project in that same Download Details section of the page.  I can see
that there may be a few people that may not realize that, though, so
I've updated the page to specifically link to the source for
Thunderbird, GPG and Enigmail.

I'd post a reply to the thread, but it seems to be a mailing list only.
 Please feel free to let the other GPG folks know that the page has
been updated.

Kind Regards,

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