1.4.6: Build problem with doc/yat2m

Moritz Barsnick moritz at barsnick.net
Thu Dec 7 16:28:29 CET 2006


I'm to lazy to get YAPW (yet another password) for bugs.gnupg.org, so
I'm posting here according to the README. (I'm not subscribed.) ;-)

With gnupg-1.4.6, I have encountered a newly introduced build problem.

doc/yat2m now uses the new $(CC_FOR_BUILD) [*]. This is generally okay,
but it totally ignores if I explicitly set LDFLAGS which are _required_
for building.

Background: I (try to) compile all my apps with the Intel C++ Compiler
(icc). This compiler creates binaries which depend on a certain dynamic
lib (libimf.so) if not explicitly told to link that lib statically
(with the -i-static LDFLAG).

I do _not_ provide this flag as CC="icc -i-static" because it is _not_
a compiler flag, and the compiler would warn with every call.

My suggestion (it works for me, I don't think there are any drawbacks):

yat2m: Makefile yat2m.c
        $(CC_FOR_BUILD) -o $@ $(srcdir)/yat2m.c


yat2m: Makefile yat2m.c
        $(CC_FOR_BUILD) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(srcdir)/yat2m.c

in doc/Makefile*. Or, more generically, add the LDFLAGS to CC_FOR_BUILD
in autoconf. I did read configure.ac, and no, I am not cross-compiling.

Thanks for listening,
kind regards,

[*] What for?
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