Cygwin gnupg does not strip windows style paths

Richard van den Berg richard at
Wed Feb 1 16:49:10 CET 2006

I am using gnupg 1.4.1 under cygwin (I know there is a 1.4.2, but I 
could not find a cygwin package for it) together with Enigmail 0.94 as a 
Thunderbird plugin. This is on a Windows XP machine.

When Enigmail is set to encrypt each attachment separately, the full 
file path is set as filename in the literal data packet:

gpg --list-packets attachment.pgp
:literal data packet:
        mode b (62), created 1138796155, name="C:\Documents and 
Settings\john doe\My Documents\some document.pdf",
        raw data: 155724 bytes

As a result, other software (like PGP) will use this name as the 
filename for the new file to be created. This results in C__Documents 
and Settings_john doe_My Documents_some document.pdf
Additionally, the path name is unwanted information leakage.

I think the root cause is that when gnupg is compiled under cygwin, it 
is considered to be a Unix variant. When enigmail then calls gpg with a 
Windows style path, the backslash does not get recognized as a directory 

I've switch over to use gnupg for native Windows, and the problem went away.


Richard van den Berg

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