configure's tar ustar test can fail on Solaris

David Champion dgc at
Sat Jul 15 01:08:34 CEST 2006

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*	"Mark Davies" <mark at> wrote:
> If that works then fine, but I will note that strings has been on every unix 
> system I've ever used (going back to BSD4.2) and it is part of POSIX and the 
> Single Unix Specification.

On some platforms (I'm afraid I've forgotten which ones, but they're
probably commercial) it's not included in the base system, but only with
the compiler option.  Apparently some distributors have felt that it's
primarily a developer tool; indeed, some versions of strings refuse to
process a file if it's not recognizably compiled object code.  Obviously
if you're compiling GnuPG you have a compiler, but if you obtained gcc
or some other compiler from some third-party source, then you might not
have strings or other related tools.

I'm not sure how common this situation is in 2006, but I believe GnuPG
aims to be very widely portable, so it's good to address.

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