GnuPG 1.4.4 build error on mingw/msys when using mingw-runtime-3.10

Joe Vender jvender at
Tue Jun 27 05:27:24 CEST 2006

Alphax wrote:

> Sorry, I should have been more specific. The random.c change occured in
> 2003; something in mingw-runtime-3.10 is breaking _WIN32.

Apparently, the reason that the compilation of GnuPG started failing on 
windows mingw/msys when migrating to mingw-runtime-3.10 from 
mingw-runtime-3.9 is that the "gettimeofday" prototype wasn't available 
prior to mingw-runtime-3.10. Since it wasn't available before that, 
HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY wasn't being defined prior to mingw-runtime-3.10 and

#include <sys/times.h>


#include <sys/times.h>
to be passed over, so the problem didn't show up. The include wasn't 
being attempted, so it wasn't finding that <sys/times.h> didn't exist on 
the system.

>> It is just that sys/time.h is not always available in Windows tool
>> kits.

> sys/time.h is in at least mingw-runtime-3.9, and according to the OP has
> changed in mingw-runtime-3.10 - could you post the new version here?

Yes, changed by addition of "gettimeofday" prototype, among other 
things. The addition of the new prototype in mingw-runtime-3.10 causes 
the code in GnuPG to break on mingw/msys because it is trying to include 
a file that doesn't exist on the system (times.h). For the mingw/msys 
build environment on windows, HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY will only be defined if 
using mingw-runtime-3.10 or later, the #include should point to 
<sys/time.h> not <sys/times.h>

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