Udev script not working

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Thu Jun 29 13:34:26 CEST 2006

* Janusz A. Urbanowicz <alex at bofh.net.pl> [2006-06-29 11:21:20 +0200]:

> > Is someone familar with udev and has a clue what's wrong with the
> > script?
> I've found that udev/hotplug on sarge has serious problems with USB hotplug when
> running longer, like more than a few days.

On sarge, with hotplug, I did not have any problems. It is just now on
etch with udev.

> Try if the same happens if the machine is freshly booted.

Yes I tried it right after rebooting, the rights are not set correctly. 

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