corrupt trustdb caused by commandline?

Atom Smasher atom at
Tue May 9 03:11:49 CEST 2006

this is weird...

i can run this:
 	gpg --list-public-keys smasher ; echo $?
all day long, and everything is fine (returns 0).

but when i close stdout:
 	gpg --list-public-keys smasher 1>&- ; echo $?

it works once and corrupts my trustdb. running it again returns "2".

   gpg: /home/atom/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg: invalid record type 112 at recnum 1

if i change the "1" to a "2" (closing stderr instead of stdout), it works 
fine. if i omit the "1" and leave it implied (still closing stdout) it 
still causes problems.

this is even weirder... this works fine:
 	{ gpg --list-public-keys smasher ; } ; echo $?
but this causes problems:
 	{ gpg --list-public-keys smasher ; } >&- ; echo $?

why on earth would gpg choke because i'm redirecting stdout *outside* of 
the curly braces??

i've only noticed this since upgrading to 1.4.3. i was previously running 
1.4.2 and the didn't have any problems with the exact same command.

gnupg-1.4.3 (libiconv-1.9.2_2, gettext-0.14.5_2)


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