Feature request

Daniel A. Nagy nagydani at epointsystem.org
Mon May 1 00:56:03 CEST 2006

Dear GnuPG developers,

Right now, it is not possible to decrypt a signed encrypted message while
retaining the signature. Similarly, it is not possible to encrypt a signed
message so that it becomes a signed encrypted message. With the exception of
certain PGP/MIME messages (e.g. those created by OS X's Mail.app), of course.

These features would be immensely useful. In applications where signatures
are used as third-party evidence, yet confidentiality is required, such
features are indispensible.

While it is technically possible to hack together a script using gpg for
forwarding a signed & encrypted message to someone who does not possess a
decryption key to the original, it would be very ugly.

Thank you in advance!



PS: With these features, gnupg would become more useful for large-scale
conspiracies that need to protect themselves against infiltrators. :-)
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