DSA2 keys

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Fri May 26 12:41:47 CEST 2006

On 05/25/2006 09:50 PM, David Shaw wrote:
> The current key size / hash size lineup is to do 160 bits of hash for
> a key size of 1024 (same as DSA1), 224 bits of hash for key sizes from
> 1024 up to 2048, and 256 bits of hash for key sizes from 2048 up to
> 3072.
Question: full hash size will be enabled on certification signatures too
or it will be truncated to 160 bits?

> I know that a number of people here track the latest svn copy of
> GnuPG, so I have both a request and warning.  The request is to try
> this out and see how it works for you.  The warning is to be very
> careful with using these keys - for today and the at least the near
> future, there are going to be severe compatibility problems with this.
> Many people won't even be able to import your DSA2 key (can't verify
> the self-signature).  I know from some testing that PGP 8 and 9 can
> handle these keys and signatures.  GnuPG 1.4.3 can also handle them.
> Anything else will probably break in various ways.
Any hints on sending a DSA2 key to keyservers? This should be avoided.


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