GnuPG 1.9.95: gpg2 segfaults on build test

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Fri Nov 10 13:50:02 CET 2006

Werner Koch wrote:

>> Removing -O2 seems to cease the error.
>> I'll apply this in my build ENV.
> Well, sitting at the SFScon at Bozen, Marcus and me tracked down the
> bug.  It is very easy to fix and actually an oversight when I wrote
> mpi_read.  It reveals it self only on 64 bit machines because there
> sizeof(unsigned int) != sizeof(size_t).  gcc should have emitted a
> warning when compiling on 64 bit. I agree that gnupg is a lot of code
> and such warnings are easily overlooked.

Many thanks.

-- Rex

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