[PATCH] fix a typo when building libgcrypt and gnupg 1.4 with mingw-runtime 3.10

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Thu Nov 2 21:17:00 CET 2006


Since version 3.10, mingw-runtime now includes gettimeofday() defined
in <sys/time.h> as specified by POSIX:

People using this version to compile are experiencing problems with a
piece of code which is common to gnupg 1.4 and libcrypt 1.2.3 :

Here is that code:

#include <sys/times.h>

What will happen on UNIX systems: they all have gettimeofday(), and they
all have sys/times.h so it's ok

What will happen on WINDOWS systems: they don't have gettimeofday() , so
it's ok too

What will happen on WINDOWS systems using mingw compiler and
mingw-runtime 3.10 : they have gettimeofday(), but they don't have
<sys/times.h> so the build will fail

To my knowledge, there is no system that defines gettimeofday() in
<sys/times.h>, only in <sys/time.h>

Please replace <sys/times.h> by <sys/time.h> because this is an
annoying typo.


Rafaël Carré
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