[gpgme] set gpg options

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Fri Nov 17 08:18:27 CET 2006


I would like to propose a change to the gpgme_set_XXX style

For example gpgme_set_textmode(). IMHO it would be a good idea
to change the behaviour like that:

if (val == true)
	cmdline += "--textmode";
	cmdline += "--no-textmode";

and if no gpgme_set_textmode() call were issued, no textmode related 
option will be added.

The reason is, that if somebody calls gpgme_set_textmode(false), he
wants to disable the textmode and wants to skip possible settings in
the gpg.conf. With the current style, the mode is not supressed, but
only not used.


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