FreeBSD ports for libassuan 1.0.1 and gnupg 2.0.1

Alphax alphasigmax at
Wed Nov 29 13:01:58 CET 2006

Doug Barton wrote:
> For FreeBSD users eager to get started with the new versions, I'm told
> that the official ports will be updated "soon." They are just waiting
> on a repo copy of the old gnupg-devel port, and the CVS folks are a
> bit backlogged right now.
> Meanwhile, I've updated my unofficial patches. The libassuan patch is
> at, and should apply cleanly to
> the existing port. For gnupg, 'cd /usr/ports/security && cp -Rp
> gnupg-devel gnupg2 && cd gnupg2 && patch < gnupg2.diff'. You can find
> the patch at

(cc-ed to gnupg-devel instead of -users)

This might seem like a dumb question, but is there any specific reason
why a specific patch is needed? Can't extra configure/make/#ifdef rules
be added?

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