Multithreaded Bug in GNUPG? - Sometimes Returns Exit Code 2 while decrypting

Harakiri harakiri_23 at
Thu Nov 30 17:49:36 CET 2006

On a multithreaded envirenment, when calling the gnupg
binary multiple times, sometimes (2-3%) not 0 is
returned for decryption but 2 and no further error

I was able to reproduce it with a simple script which
would decrypt the same data everytime, this script was
running in 20 threads for a while - and gnupg would
return indeed the mysterious 2 on a debian sarge

First i thought it was an issue with the keyrings and
input data - so i made sure that for each thread a
seperate copy of each file (secring, encrypted data)
which will be used by GNUPG has been created - the
same result happend - there seems to be a concurrency
issue with gnupg - anyone could shed any insight to
this ?


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