GnuPG 1.9.92 -- first findings

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Mon Oct 16 09:18:08 CEST 2006

I have tried gpg2 on my Linux box and found several issues:

* gpg2 reproducibly destroyed my keyring with the following sequence of
# gpg2 --charset utf8  --no-tty --status-fd 1 --logger-fd  1 \
--command-fd  0 --ask-cert-level --edit-key <0xKeyid> trust

# gpg2 --charset utf8  --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2 \
--with-fingerprint --fixed-list-mode --with-colons --list-keys

* gpg2 always uses pinentry instead of the passphrase-fd in the
following example:
# gpg2 --charset utf8  --passphrase-fd 0 --no-use-agent --no-tty \
--status-fd 1 --logger-fd 1 --command-fd 0 -u 0xD8A807C7CCEC227B \
--ask-cert-level --edit-key 9CD4D060D74A14F3 lsign

* Importing a key from a keyserver doesn't work:

gpg2 --debug-all --recv-keys 0x810271D5
gpg: reading options from `/home/pbr/.gnupg/gpg.conf'
gpg: It is only intended for test purposes and should NOT be
gpg: used in a production environment or with production keys!
gpg: DBG: execlp: /usr/local/libexec/gpg2keys_hkp
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: fdopen `[fd 5]'
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: ioctl `file_filter(fd)' no_cache=1
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: ioctl `file_filter(fd)' no_cache=1
gpg: requesting key 810271D5 from hkp server
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: underflow: req=8192
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: underflow: got=0 rc=-1
gpg: DBG: [fd 5]: close fd 5
gpg: DBG: fd_cache_close (0x5) real
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: underflow: eof
gpg: DBG: iobuf-1.0: close `(null)'
gpg: unnatural exit of external program
gpg: no handler for keyserver scheme `hkp'
gpg: keyserver receive failed: Keyserver error
random usage: poolsize=600 mixed=0 polls=0/0 added=0/0
              outmix=0 getlvl1=0/0 getlvl2=0/0
secmem usage: 0/32768 bytes in 0 blocks

Happy bugfixing :-)


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