[Announce] dirmngr 0.9.6 released

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Sep 4 18:27:14 CEST 2006


We are pleased to announce the availability of Dirmngr 0.9.6.

Dirmngr is a server for managing and downloading certificate
revocation lists (CRLs) for X.509 certificates and for downloading the
certificates themselves. Dirmngr also handles OCSP requests as an
alternative to CRLs. Dirmngr is either invoked internaly by gpgsm
(from gnupg 1.9) or when running as a system daemon through the
dirmngr-client tool.

Get it from:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/dirmngr/dirmngr-0.9.6.tar.bz2 (488k)

or as a patch against the previous version:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/dirmngr/dirmngr-0.9.5-0.9.6.diff.bz2 (60k)

SHA1 checkums are:

954e1dbed96a2bccfbdb1bee446fa75337a156ea  dirmngr-0.9.6.tar.bz2
b8ad93a2aeca323431d8143f797c00f2ab782fe9  dirmngr-0.9.5-0.9.6.diff.bz2

Whats new in this release

 * A couple of bug fixes for OCSP.

 * OCSP does now make use of the responder ID and optionally included
   certificates in the response to locate certificates.

 * No more lost file descriptors when loading CRLs via HTTP.

 * HTTP redirection for CRL and OCSP has been implemented.

 * Man pages are now build and installed from the texinfo source.

Note, that you need to update libksba to version 1.0.0 for this
release.  If this release works as expected a 1.0 release will be
pretty close.

Commercial support contracts for Dirmngr are available, and they help
finance continued maintenance.  g10 Code, a Duesseldorf based company
owned and headed by libksba's maintainer, is currently funding its
development.  We are always looking for interesting development

Happy Hacking,


Werner Koch                                      <wk at gnupg.org>
The GnuPG Experts                                http://g10code.com
Join the Fellowship and protect your Freedom!    http://www.fsfe.org
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