Is this possible ??

Michael Hoeller M_Hoeller at
Sat Apr 21 23:51:49 CEST 2007

Hello experts,

here I hava a real live problem which I hope someone of the experts on this 
list can explain.. The probelm is that I recieve from various people 
encrypted mails which useed RC2 as algorithm...

Here the szenario;

Person A uses Thunderbird
Person B uses KMail

The Problem is that Person B (KMail) can not read encrypted S/MIME Messages 
from  person A (Thunderbird).

The assumption is that KMail from person B sends with every mail to person 
A some kind of informtaion which maks Thunderbird think that it should 
encrypt with the RC2 algo.

Therefore person A deletes the public cert from B and imports this manualy 
again. Person B did send the cert as PEM to person A,

And... voila Thunderbird from person A uses 3DES.

Person B writes back.

Person A answers and :-(( it does not work the used Algo is RC2.

==> Is it possible that KMAIL/gpgsm sends or stores some information in the 
mail which leads to the fact that Thunderbird sends RC2 ????

Thanks  a lot for any hint
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