libassuan 1.0.4 released

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 12 17:27:16 CET 2007


for those of you who tried to build the current GnuPG-2 SVN versions,
life is mow a little bit easier because there is no more need to also
build libassuan from SVN ;-)

I have just released version 1.0.4:

The primary reason why we need this version for GnuPG-2 are the new
socket wrapper fucntions:

  It is sometimes useful to support Unix domain sockets on Windows.  To do
  this in a portable way, Assuan provides a set of wrapper functions which
  may be used on any system but will enhance Windows to support these
  socket types.  The actual implementation is based on local TCP sockets
  and fully transparent for the client.  Server code needs to utilize two
  extra functions to check the permissions.
   -- Function: int assuan_sock_close (assuan_fd_t FD)
       Wrapper for close which does a closesocket on Windows if needed.
   -- Function: assuan_fd_t assuan_sock_new (int DOMAIN, int TYPE,
            int PROTO);
       Wrapper around socket.
   -- Function: int assuan_sock_connect (assuan_fd_t SOCKFD,
            struct sockaddr *ADDR, int ADDRLEN)
       Wrapper around connect.  For Unix domain sockets under Windows this
       function also does a write immediatley after the the connect to
       send the nonce as read from the socket's file.
   -- Function: int assuan_sock_bind ( assuan_fd_t SOCKFD,
            struct sockaddr *ADDR, int ADDRLEN)
       Wrapper around bind.  Under Windows this creates a file and writes
       the port number and a random nonce to this file.
   -- Function: int assuan_sock_get_nonce ( struct sockaddr *ADDR,
            int ADDRLEN, assuan_sock_nonce_t *NONCE)
       This is used by the server after a bind to return the random
       nonce.  To keep the code readable this may also be used on POSIX
   -- Function: int assuan_sock_check_nonce ( assuan_fd_t FD,
            assuan_sock_nonce_t *NONCE)
       On Windows this is used by the server after an accept to read the
       nonce from the client and compare it with the saved NONCE.  If this
       function fails the server should immediatly drop the connection.
       To keep the code readable this may also be used on POSIX system;
       it is a dummy function then.  See also `assuan_set_sock_nonce'.

BTW, the release of 2.0.8 is scheduled for Friday.



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