Compiling GnuPG 2.0.1 on MacOS X

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Sun Feb 11 18:44:59 CET 2007

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> Actually, I wonder whether creating bundle information for gpg-agent
> would be the solution...  I'll give it a go soon and will let you know
> the outcome.

Ah no, that didn't work.  But invoking gpg-agent with the option
--pinentry-program "/bin/sh -c
/Applications/" did.

I'll modify my start gpg-agent script and release a new version soon.

It's not a particularly great solution, but makes gnupg 2.0.2 usable
under MacOS.  I haven't had chance to look into the MacOS function
NSTask yet but if it does what we want correctly, I'll then look into a
MacOS specific version of the assuan library.

Take care,


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