[Macgpg-users] GnuPG v2.0.2 MAC OS install - TESTING NEEDED!

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at py-soft.co.uk
Sun Feb 18 18:44:48 CET 2007

Werner Koch wrote:
> There has never been such an option.  You need to specify this option
> with scdaemon.  gpg2 has no internal fallback support for smart
> cards.  It requires gpg-agent/scdaemon.
>> Despite the following in the man page:
> I'll fix the doc.

That'd be good - many thanks.

>> Neither scdaemon: 
> I just tested scdaemon and it definitely has this option.

But it wasn't defaulting correctly for Mac OS X though.

>> #define DEFAULT_PCSC_DRIVER "libpcsclite.so"
> I added a default value for OS X.

That's great - many thanks! :-)


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