Feature request: --creation-date option

Christian Danner gnupg-devel_list at danner-net.de
Sun Jan 28 11:27:08 CET 2007


Is there a chance to get an additional GPG option that allows to set
the creation date of keys and signatures?

I'm developing a Windows proxy server that works as a gateway to anon
remailers and nym servers. For such an application it's mandatory to
disguise all timestamps within messages, as e.g. getting knowledge of
the exact shipping time would make it a lot easier for an adversary to
compromise the author. Currently I see no alternative to a temporary
manipulation of the system time when such sensitive action takes
place. But that strategy entails a lot of potential side effects,
especially in a server environment.

BTW, PGP offers a PGPOCreationDate parameter, which, however, isn't
very useful as long as the self-signatures of keys generated with a
bogus creation date still carry the unadulterated system time.

From the PGP SDK Reference Guide:
PGPOCreationDate: Sets the creation date of keys, sub-keys, and
signatures generated for the specified context. When a key, sub-keys,
or signature is actually generated, the PGPsdk sets its creation date
to that specified.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

OmniMix .. protect your privacy

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