gpgsm 1.9.22 supports no RC2 Algorithm ?

Nicholas Sushkin nsushkin at
Fri May 4 18:16:26 CEST 2007


I searched the internet for clarifications on how SMimeCapabilities should 
be used. I found that S/MIME Version 3.1 specifically says that NULLs 
should not be used to encode parameters.


"The registered SMIMECapabilities list specifies the parameters for OIDs 
that need them, most notably key lengths in the case of variable-length 
symmetric ciphers. In the event that there are no differentiating 
parameters for a particular OID, the parameters MUST be omitted, and MUST 
NOT be encoded as NULL."

However, as seen in, 
gpgsm (at least in 1.9.92) generates NULLs.

On Friday 04 May 2007 09:07, Nicholas Sushkin wrote: 

>  But I think that Thunderbird
> developers may use help of gpgsm developers if you have anything to say
> about the protocol negotiation. See Nelson Bolyard's analysis at

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