gnupg 1.4.7 build system bug: gpgkeys_ldap compile error while libcurl in non-standard path

FKtPp m_pupil at
Tue Nov 27 16:17:46 CET 2007

Dear developers,

I find this bug while compiling gnupg 1.4.7 on solaris 10/8 x86 edition on my machine.


1) if you have curl/libcurl installed in non-standard place(which was true for solaris in /opt/sfw subdirectory)

2) you chose to compile in curl support.

3) your configure decide to compile in ldap support.


Compile error while compile gpgkeys_ldap things. gpgkeys_ldap_* need libcurl header/libs path to be correct compiled/linked.


The file keyserver/
gpgkeys_ldap_LDADD = ../util/libcompat.a @LDAPLIBS@ @NETLIBS@ $(other_libs) @GETOPT@ @W32LIBS at should be look like this:

gpgkeys_ldap_CPPFLAGS = @LDAP_CPPFLAGS@ $(gpgkeys_curl_CPPFLAGS)
gpgkeys_ldap_LDADD = ../util/libcompat.a @LDAPLIBS@ @NETLIBS@ $(other_libs) @GETOPT@ @W32LIBS@ $(gpgkeys_curl_LDADD)

and then regenerate

Best Regards

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