assuan external loop over socket

Ben Kibbey bjk at
Thu Oct 25 15:59:20 CEST 2007

The assuan info docs say connecting to a socket with the external IO
loop isn't supported. Are there any plans to do this in the near future?
I really do need this feature. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding howto send
IO FD's to the server? I have a process that wants to listen on a socket
without blocking. I've done the bind/listen/pth_accept() and have FD
which is setup with assuan_init_socket_server_ext(). Then I select() on
all file descriptors that are returned with asssuan_get_active_fds().
When I connect to the socket with socat, I get an IPC read error from
assuan_process_next(). Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Benjamin J. Kibbey bjk at
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