GPGME callback function problem

HIRA, Shuichi hira at
Tue Sep 11 10:22:23 CEST 2007


>> I failed using _write(),(infinit loop?) so I replace it to _gpgme_io_write().
>> I think the reason is _gpgme_io_write() can handle CriticalSection in sema.h.
>You may not use any function prefixed with "_gpgme"!  These are internal
>functions and may change without notice.
I think so, but using WriteFile causes loop too.

>  int
>  translate_sys2libc_fd (gnupg_fd_t fd, int for_write)
OK, succeed.
I built dll with function above by Borland BCC,
and called it from another dll by Delphi.


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