Static linking

RB aoz.syn at
Thu Apr 24 16:04:51 CEST 2008

I'm working on a Linux preboot environment in which I'd like to
include GPG support for key storage (i.e. 'gpg --decrypt --quiet
foo.asc | cryptsetup...').  I find that at least my distro (Gentoo)
stopped providing the ability to statically link GPG with version 2,
but when I hand-compile with LDFLAGS='-static', everything comes out

I've been told that 'upstream' (you guys) stopped supporting static
linking with 2.x; I'm fine without support, but do any of you see or
know of any issues or pitfalls one would run into?  Doing the leg work
for testing and such really doesn't bother me, just want to make sure
I'm not painting myself into a corner, cryptographically or not.
Thanks for your time!


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