Static linking

RB aoz.syn at
Fri Apr 25 16:34:41 CEST 2008

On 4/25/08, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:
> In this case it might be useful to write a new application just for this
I had considered this and like the idea, but it may end up being stage
3 of this project.  Stage 2 would fall more along the lines of Gilles'
suggestions and involve doing a proper build focused on embedded use
instead of borrowing static binaries from userspace.

>  allication, called tgpg.  It is designed as a library and thus it should
>  be possible to include it in grub.  There is some basic code already but
>  is far from being finished.  It might be a starting point.
I like that idea - may have to request that code from you shortly,
unless it's already in the gnupg SVN tree.  An interesting (to me)
idea would be tying it together with some of the TrouSerS patches for
GRUB and using the TPM as a smartcard.

>  > expediency.  Unless, of course, there exists some edge case particular
>  > to gnupg that I don't know about, which is why I came to you guys.
> Not that I know.
>  > If I may ask, then, what would you suggest?  My only real requirement
>  > is to get away from storing unencrypted key material on-disk, unless
>  > someone can make a good case that it provides no reasonable additional
> A new package based on gnupg-1 which just the minla features enabled?
Great, and thanks for your input!  I'll scratch my immediate itch and
do a set of static binaries, then will start on implementing it
properly.  I like the idea of (and have had need before for) a simple,
small 'degpg' program that just does basic password or keyring-based


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