cacheid and preset_passphrase

Ben Kibbey bjk at
Fri Aug 8 01:41:20 CEST 2008

On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 04:46:14PM +0200, Werner Koch wrote:


> My proposal ist to allow an arbitrary string instead of
> hexstring_with_keygrip.  The only required code change should be for
> this command.  The other commands CLEAR_PASSPHRASE and GET_PASSPHRASE
> should accept any string as a cache ID.
> You would then use 
>    <myapp>:<astring_without_space>
> Do not use GNUPG or similar for <myapp>.  For example:  To cache a login
> passphrase for user "joe", use this cache ID:
>    GNOMOVISION:login_joe

This is what I need. This would be great to have added. Thanks for the

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