gnupg-1.4.9 fails checks in new distribution

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at
Wed Dec 17 10:55:30 CET 2008

David Shaw wrote:
> On Dec 16, 2008, at 12:33 PM, Klaus Singvogel wrote:
> >I noticed that gnupg-1.4.9 fails currently 10 of 27 tests in
> >openSUSE-11.1.
> >
> >FAIL: encrypt.test
> >FAIL: encrypt-dsa.test
> >FAIL: seat.test
> >FAIL: encryptp.test
> >FAIL: armencrypt.test
> >FAIL: armencryptp.test
> >FAIL: signencrypt.test
> >FAIL: armsignencrypt.test
> >FAIL: conventional.test
> >FAIL: conventional-mdc.test
> >
> >The failures didn't occur with openSUSE-11.0 or previous.
> There isn't enough information here to even guess.  Can you give us  
> more information, please?  i386, x86_64, PowerPC?

Sure. No problem. The tests fail on i586 as well on x86_64.

It's the very same package, which builds on openSUSE-11.1. So I
assume it's a library or compiler, which the cause of the problem

> Please also send in your config.log file from when you ran ./configure.

It's very large, so I compressed it with bzip2, before I attached it.
Hope it's ok.

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