import of external certificates via command line

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Jan 2 16:20:01 CET 2008

On Wednesday 02 January 2008 15:22, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed,  2 Jan 2008 14:18, bernhard at said:
> > To have a way to import externally found certificates
> > is a feature that people are missing. So why not document the current
> > way until a better one is implemented.
> We don't document obscure features because these makes it a bit easier
> for us to change the semantics.

somehow I feel you are weaseling around the problem...

It is a _non_ obscure problem that you cannot import an externally found 
certificate. Lack of mentioning this use case in the documentation does 
irritate an advanced user.

You can 
a) fix the problem and add some option to gpgsm and the documentation
   so that the use case is possible
b) mention the dirty workaround somewhere, maybe declare it and its semantics

Doing b) is not very time intensive and will help Gnupg's quality,
which is something I have learned by user feedback and my own experiences.
I hope this feedback is welcome.


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