gnupg-2.0.8 - regression - double free

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Fri Jan 11 17:07:32 CET 2008


On Friday 11 January 2008 15:30, Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> On 1/11/08, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:
> > If you want to report a bug, pleade use the gnupg bug tracker and don't
> > point to specifc distribution related one.  And please take me out of
> > the CC from the gentoo bug tracker - all these BTS status messages are
> > meanigless to me.q
> Instead of be thankful that people find issue in your outputs, and
> open an issue in your tracker your-self, you issue procedural
> statement.

you are listening with the wrong ear. Werner is pretty busy (an financing a 
lot of the GnuPG development), he just got you the short message with the 
content so save time. The longer version would be something like:
   Thanks for the report! We are considering all reports and are grateful
   for people testing and helping with the development. Note that because of
   the number of problem tracker software, it is really hard for us to learn
   and use them all. Also the number of open issues with GnuPG makes our time
   scarce. We would appreciate if you could not ad us to other nosy lists, 
   but file a report in GnuPG's tracker.

> People work hard to reproduce this issue, and find the cause... You
> can work with them or against them.
> Do what ever you feel like, you can ignore the issue if you like.

Werner has a long good track record of working with users, other developers, 
maintainers and so on. Giving the short answer can be expected on some 
development list. Actually I want him to answer shortly and save time for the 
coding. :)

> Or you can use the resources and channels to the users that can
> reproduce this issue, via the distribution channel.

if done for all reported problems by users, this is almost impossible. 
Otherwise Gnupg-development would come to a halt. 
Werner and Marcus are the toplevel developers, it is very suitable to someone 
to proof that the problem is relevant and try to reduce reproduction time
on their side if at all possible.

> I removed you from the CC, after all this bug is not gnupg related, so
> its contents is indeed meaningless to you guys.

Good to hear that is it not GnuPG. :)

> Masked this version out, so people will not use it.

I hope that the developer of the software part that is responsible for the 
defect will fix this soon, so Gnupg 2.0.8 can be used again.


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