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Tue Jul 8 18:53:42 CEST 2008

I have attached a new to

It helps to debug how applications deal with gpgme result values
E.g. here is an example output

python examples/ ~/tmp/y.sig ~/tmp/dbgmd-00001.verify
gpgme version: 1.1.6
/usr/bin/gpg2 2.0.9
/usr/bin/gpgsm 2.0.9
OpenPGP True
CMS True

trying to verify signature /home/bernhard/tmp/y.sig for 
file /home/bernhard/tmp/dbgmd-00001.verify
signature 1 :
  summary:     0x800
  status:      0x7000001
  timestamp:   1215123456
  fingerprint: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

You can use "gpg-error" to decipher the "status" value:

$ LANG=C gpg-error 0x7000001
117440513 = (7, 1) = (GPG_ERR_SOURCE_GPGME, GPG_ERR_GENERAL) = (GPGME, General 

To me this has been helpful in analysing if gpgme or Kontact/KMail or both 
contribute to a problematic behaviour that can be observed.
It overcomes the obstacle that "gpg2" or "gpgsm" on the command line 
might behave a bit differently as compared when being called via gpgme,
e.g. here are much more return values to consider.


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