about the OpenPGP Card

Primiano Tucci p.tucci at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 22:23:44 CEST 2008

I'm an Italian o.s. developer. I've some news to share about the OpenPGP
I wrote a Java driver for the OpenPGP card (details at

I think this driver has several advantages:
-Does not need any PKCS11 driver to be installed (it's build on top of
Sun's javax.smartcardio low level apis)
-Requires nothing but a Java JRE.
-Can allow access to the OpenPGP card virtually everywhere (where a
smart card reader is available)

The driver comes with a sample OpenPGPCard Editor application (it's like
a graphical gpg --card-edit)

Going on with coding, I made a concept OpenID OpenPGP Card endpoint...


It's a (working) php OpenID service that allows to get an unique login
identity on the web using the OpenPGP Card

An applet (that I wrote using the driver discussed above) manages the
login via a Challenge/Response Digital Signature scheme (using the
Authentication key on the smartcard)... than the OpenID protocol makes
the rest (e.g. I am able to log in my sourceforge account using my
OpenPGP card)

The service, of course, is less than a beta release, it's just a
conceptual demonstration of how the driver could be implemented to do so.
I hope someone could be interested in testing the OpenID service

Feel free to write me if you have further questions/comments

Best Regards
Primiano Tucci


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