[OT] mod_openpgp for Apache

Ladislav Hagara ladislav.hagara at unob.cz
Mon Jun 23 22:55:33 CEST 2008

> Hi. Sorry to interrupt here. I need some volunteers to test the 
> Enigform Firefox addon which, along
> with it's server-side counterpart mod_openpgp for Apache, provides 
> openpgp-based session initiation
> and http request signing / verification. Interested parties, contact 
> me privately or visit
> http://maotest.buanzo.org.
> This project is sponsored by OWASP.org.

Nice to see new version. Just tried it. How to upload my public key to 
your server?
Smutty Enigform Demo [1] has this possibility.
Has mod_auth_openpgp [2] been renamed to mod_openpgp?
It is a good idea to mention a Enigform and mod_auth_openpgp forum here [3].
Is something new with gpgAuth [4] integration with mod_auth_openpgp or 
with Enigform integration into FireGPG [5]?

[1] http://smutty.pu-gh.com/demo/enigform
[2] http://freshmeat.net/projects/maopenpgp
[3] http://foros.buanzo.com.ar/viewforum.php?f=35
[4] http://www.gpgauth.com/
[5] http://getfiregpg.org/

Ladislav Hagara

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