Invalid return from gpgme_op_keylist_next() + more

Nico Schottelius nico-gnupg-dev-0 at
Wed Jun 25 08:17:29 CEST 2008

Good morning!

Thanks for the fast and helpful answer!
As soon as my eyes are wide enought to read my own code i'll
apply the corrections you directed me to and rereport.

Werner Koch [Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 03:20:50AM +0200]:
> On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 01:35, nico-gnupg-dev-0 at said:
> [...]
> > - why are there contextless and contextdependent functions? it would make life easier
> >   to have only contextdependent functions -> less confusing
> I do not understand what you mean.  If we need a context we use a
> context, if there is no need for a context we don't require a dummy
> context.

Imho having a context all the time would make learning gpgme easier.
But maybe a personal taste, too.

> > - I am missing really simple functions. Imho encrypting a text for a person
> >   should be possible in two lines of code:
> >
> >    gpgme_init(&context);
> >    gpgme_encrypt(context, char *fingerprint, void *datain, gpgme_data_t *dataencrypted)
> Crypto is not that easy and hackers like to come up with there own code;
> we don't want to bore them :-).

I should have guessed that answer ;-)

> > - The documentation is missing a 5 minutes tutorial, that explains how to
> >    sign, encrypt, both,
> >    check sig, decrypt, both
> You can't do that in 5 minutes.  If you can, please write one.

Aye, will do. Expect it before the end of 2008.

> > - How to build gpgme from svn? I just git-svn cloned it, and ran automake:
> What about reading README.SVN ?

Strange, there must have been something wrong with the import from svn into

[0:57] denkbrett:gpgme% git-branch -a
* master
[8:06] denkbrett:gpgme% ls README*
zsh: no matches found: README*
[8:06] denkbrett:gpgme% grep svn:// .git/config 
   url = svn://
[8:11] denkbrett:gpgme% git-log | grep git-svn-id | head -n1
    git-svn-id: svn:// aac49db4-c9ff-0310-8ba0-e8b1974e1722

Argh, while writing this mail I see it: I cloned from the wrong location!
svn:// is totally wrong, should have been

> > PS: What's the reason that gives a 403?
> >    (which is referred to by
> Missing alias in boa.conf.  We are looking for a sysadmin...

Well known FOSS problem. Would like to help you, but there are too much things
ongoing in my life already.

Sincerly, a totally tired,


Think about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

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