Secret Sharing

Phil Sutter sutter at
Wed Mar 19 22:23:25 CET 2008


With beginning of this month I've started writing my diploma thesis
about implementing Secret Sharing in GnuPG. This topic has been
discussed on this list way back in 1998, where implementing it was
deferred until 1.0 is out.
What is your current attitude towards an implementation?

I would highly appreciate if you could send me some information about
how to proceed, i.e. which people I should talk to, where to discuss
implementation/design specific questions, where to send code for a
review to, et cetera.

Another thing is the Google Summer of Code. As I have to be finished
with my work until first of September, my project fits into their
timeline. What do you think, is it worth proposing it?

Greetings, Phil

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