gpgme verify

Florian Schwind f.schwind at
Thu Oct 2 15:58:00 CEST 2008


I have some trouble with gpgme on windows. Verifying signatures with:

gpgme_verify_result_t result;
result = gpgme_op_verify_result(ctx);

I always get:

result->signatures->validity = GPGME_VALIDITY_UNKNOWN

though my gpg console application says that trust and validity are ultimate:

pub  1024D/D4FACAEA  created: 2008-08-08  expires: never       usage: SC
                     trust: ultimate      validity: ultimate
sub  2048g/BAA684AE  created: 2008-08-08  expires: never       usage: E
[ultimate] (1). MailTest Two (test two) <two at>

The same keyring on linux works and shows GPGME_VALIDITY_FULL. (Just
wondering why it isn't GPGME_VALIDITY_ULTIMATE ?)

Someone got an idea?

I'm using Windows XP and openSUSE 10.3
gpg 1.4.9 and gpgme 1.1.4

Best Regards

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