fixes for Msys+Mingw

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 1 16:28:49 CEST 2008

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 18:40, carlo.bramix at said:

> I tried to compile gnupg 2.0.9 under Mingw+Msys.

Not a supported build platform, but let's see:

> 1- /jnlib/utf8conv.c was compiled successfully, but it was not working because because "iconv.dll" was not found during runtime.
> But it exists just with a different name, mine is called "libiconv-2.dll".
> I believe that it's a good idea to use ICONV correctly if it's found.
> Since Msys is a posix-like enviroment under Windows, AM_ICONV detects its presence at configure time and it adds "-liconv" to LDFLAGS.

Well, if Msys is the build platform the it needs to support
corss-compilation.  You need to build gnupg the same way as on a real
Posix platform, that is you should use build commands similar to what
"./ --build-w32" uses.

> So, if that shared library exists, the executables are linked directly with the import library and it is absolutely not required to dynamically load it.

Not a good idea.  For one we want to have close control over what DLLs
are used and second it should be piossible to do without inconv.dll.

> 2- compilation of scd/ccid-driver.c failed because ETIMEDOUT is undefined in Windows.
> However, LibUSB-Win32 do not set errno, but it encodes the error code directly into the return value of the functions.

Interesting.  There is a working port of libusb now?  Any pointers - I
am very interested.  We don't support the internal CCID driver under
Windows.  Anyway it is a bug in that port if it does not set ERRNO

It is also a cross-building problem; you need to decide whether you want
a POSIX version of GnuPG (like Cygwin) or a native one.



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