Need to distinguish between g10_log_info and g10_log_error

Oleg V. Zhylin ovz at
Thu Sep 25 16:50:45 CEST 2008

Hi All,

   I'm using gpg from Powershell and it detects error condition not by return value, but by presence of data on standard error. I've checked out gnupg source code and the only difference between g10_log_info and g10_log_error is 


  in g10_log_error. Thus as far as I could check there's no way to suppress just log_infos w/o suppressing log_errors too. This would be great feature to have.

  Moreover, a command like the following

gpg -o h:\temp\outfile.txt --logger-fd 1 --yes --decrypt h:\temp\outfile.txt.gpg

  returns 2 even if file is decrypted successfully. Is it safe to rely that 2 means success in this case?

WBR Oleg V. Zhylin   ovz at


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