test suite fails when run in chroot

Frederik Himpe fhimpe at telenet.be
Fri Dec 25 23:34:48 CET 2009

When I build gnupg2 2.0.14 on Mandriva Cooker, everything builds fine
and the test suite succeeds. However, when running the same in a clean
build chroot, the test suite fails:
FAIL: genkey1024.test
FAIL: conventional.test
3DES FAIL: conventional-mdc.test

It seems that the $srcdir environment variable, as used by these tests,
is not set:

sh -x ./genkey1024.test 
+ . /defs.inc
./genkey1024.test: line 11: /defs.inc: No such file or directory

Any idea how it's possible that this variable is not set?

Frederik Himpe <fhimpe at telenet.be>

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