Compiling for iPhone?

Jeff Thorpe thorpejeffrey at
Wed Feb 4 12:12:10 CET 2009

Having trouble with servers, so if this is duplicated, I apologize on this
account too...

Apologies if I¹m on the wrong list...
I am trying to get gnupg-1.4.9 compiled with IDEA for the iPhone.  This was
possible on the iPhone itself under the 1.1.4 firmware, but since the
upgrade to 2.2, gcc on it isn¹t so swell.  So, I have tried to compile it on
my MacBook with the iPhone SDK, but don¹t really know anything.  (I am not a
developer).  The only generic instructions for cross-compiling to the iPhone
included a generic Makefile that would install the developers app (over WiFi
to the jailbroken iPhone), but this doesn¹t fit with gnupg, which apparently
generates its own Makefile, and so when I fumble about, I just end up
compiling for my MacBook.
There is an iPhone compiled package for gnupg-1.4.8 without IDEA for
download and install, but this isn¹t what I want, and obviously cannot be
considered secure.  Can anybody give me any pointers?
Sorry again if this is the wrong list.
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